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Reiki Healing

In Person & Distance

Reiki is a Japanese Healing technique that helps to support the bodies natural healing ability, helps to make us feel calm, relaxed and make any feelings or stress or worries much quieter. 

Reiki treatments can be done both in person and distance. 

In person reiki is a treatment where you will be laying on a treatment couch or sat on a chair and I will move my hands in positions above your body or gently placed on your body. 


Distance reiki is where I will be in my home and you will be in yours. I will then send you reiki energy. It doesn’t matter if you are a few towns away from me, or in a completely different country, the reiki will still flow to you! (Amazing, RIGHT!) 


During a reiki treatment (both in person and distance) you may feel warmth or coldness in certain areas of your body. You may see colours, and may feel as though you’re floating/sinking - this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, it is just where your body is so relaxed. Everyone is individual and feels different sensations, some do not feel anything at all but this is absolutely fine - the reiki will still flow to you regardless if you feel it or not. You will feel very calm and relaxed at the end of the treatment.


There are many benefits to reiki, it has been found to;

 • bring calmness and deep relaxation

 • reduce issues with pain 

 • supports the bodies natural healing ability

 • bring positivity and bring a sense of well-being

• helps with stress and anxiety

Both treatments are as equally powerful in sending and receiving reiki energy and healing wherever you need it most.

I can offer distance treatments anywhere in the world, but in person reiki only in the Kent area x 

Reiki Treatments 

In Person - 45 minutes 

Perfect for a quick treatment if you just want to have a little body reset and check in with your Chakras. 

Includes a body and aura scan and full chakra balance using Reiki to channel Universal Life Force Energy.

In Person - 1 hour

Enjoy a full hour of pure relaxation.

Clear your mind and let the energy flow to wherever it needs to go to make you feel lighter and as if you can float out of the door…

Includes body and aura scan, full chakra balance and aura cleanse.

Distance  - 30 minutes

Want to stay in the comfort of your own home? Or live in another country?   Thats okay!! Reiki energy can flow to whenever it needs to go, so even if we are not physically in the same room the energy will be received by you. 

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