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Hello, I am so pleased you're here and we can connect!

I'm Annabel, or bel, and I am a Usui Reiki Healer, Crystal Healer and certified in Indian Head Massage. I also create crystal healing jewellery to help support different areas of your life where you may need it.

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My Story

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I first found crystals in 2019 when i was on a walk with my mum and we found what looked like a piece of smooth glass on the floor - when.i took it to my local crystal shop and asked if it was anything I was told it was a piece of Tourmalinated Quartz. When we read into this crystal it said “You don’t pick this crystal, it finds you when you most need it”. This began my OBSESSION with crystals and a new way of life.

I loved offering crystals to friends and explaining what they meant and how they can help, and knew that i wanted to help people further, so i then looked into Crystal Healing and became qualified in Healing.

I came across Reiki, and how Reiki can help in every aspect of life when I  was in a full time job as a Nursery Practitioner. I loved my job, but it had its stressful times as all jobs do and i just knew there was more for me out there helping people. I met a wonderful Reiki Master called Sue from Calm in Kent (if you’re thinking of learning about reiki and wanting to become a practitioner i cannot recommend Sue enough!) and she took me through my level 1 and 2 and this honestly changed everything. I knew this was what i was meant to do - help people to heal themselves by holding the space for them to feel comfortable, free from judgement and most importantly safe.  I am hoping to complete my Reiki Master training in the future, so watch this space!

Energy Healing has really changed my life, i know that’s a clique and what everyone says, but it really took me onto another path in life and a new way of living. Healing practices are now an everyday part of my life and it is truly wonderful.  

I now hold Energy Healing treatments in their own homes, so I can offer people who may not like leaving their homes treatments in their safe spaces. I also now hold Healing Workshops with my lovely friend Sunni who is a yoga teacher so that we can provide spaces for lots of people to heal and come together as a community. 

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